Interview with Hassene Jeljeli

Hassene Jeljeli launched JK Lighting to create contemporary lighting objects using manual and industrial techniques.


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Interview with preservationist Will Raynolds

We chat with Belgium-based Will Reynolds, co-Director of Cultural Heritage Initiatives at the American Society of Overseas Research (ASOR), about his work in Tunisia.

From the Founder: Sustainability

We are conscious about the social, economic and environmental impact of our work, and have made (and will continue to make) choices that get us closer to being more sustainable.

Shopping at SOUKRA with Stylist Caroline Rooney

Personal stylist Caroline Rooney creates highly-curated experiences at her new shop Kingfisher in Mexico City. Read what she loves to gift to herself and others from SOUKRA.

Interview with Personal Stylist Caroline Rooney

We interviewed personal stylist Caroline Rooney on her move to Mexico City and new endeavor Kingfisher, a highly-curated neighborhood shop in Condesa CDMX.

VIDEO: Anissa Studio Tour and New Collections

Tunisian designer Anissa Meddeb of ANISSA AIDA invites us into her new studio and gives us a sneak peak of her newest collections.

Reflections on the Tunisian Revolution by Anissa Meddeb

Ten years since the Tunisian Revolution that led to the ousting of longtime president Ben Ali in January 2011, Anissa Meddeb reflects on the changes that have happened since that day.

We Craved the Rose, but Forgot it Comes with Thorns, by Leila Ben Gacem

Ten years since the Tunisian Revolution that led to the ousting of longtime president Ben Ali in January 2011, Leila Ben Gacem writes about the changes that have happened and the hope she has for her country.

Interview with Khansa Yazidi

Designer Khansa Yazidi brings an architectural background to home design, crafting bathroom fixtures and accessories in whimsical silhouettes.

Interview with Nesrine Ouertani of NOA Atelier

Nesrine Ouertani, founder of NOA Atelier, wants you to know that Tunisia is full of treasures and magnificent landscapes.

Interview with Yasmine Sfar of Tinja

Yasmine Sfar, co-manager and designer of Tinja, collaborates closely with the design studio’s community of artisans across Tunisia.

Interview with Nejib Bel Hadj of Tilli Tanit

Textile designer Nejib Belhadj, founder of Tilli Tanit, works with female embroiderers to highlight the ancestral craftsmanship of embroidery in a simple and refined style.

Black Lives Matter

I stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. This statement marks just a small step in my lifelong journey to advance racial equity in society.

Q&A with Itinérance Méditerranée co-founders Alexia and Caroline

Paris-based Alexia Tronel and Marseille-based Caroline Perdrix co-founded Itinérance Méditerranée, working with Tunisian artisans to create a collection infused with heritage and poetry.

VIDEO: #TunisiaTakeover Leila Ben Gacem

On January 21, 2020, Tunisian social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow Leila Ben Gacem took over Soukra’s Instagram account and answered your questions.

VIDEO: #TunisiaTakeover Anissa Meddeb

On November 5, 2019, Anissa Meddeb of Anissa Aida took over Soukra’s Instagram account and answered your questions.

Q&A with journalist Erin Brown

Freelance journalist and media trainer Erin Brown initially traveled to Tunisia in 2018 to research a narrated history podcast of the Arab Spring. Read more to find what happened next.

Q&A with Myriam Naili of NINA.L.

NINA.L. designer Myriam Naili is dedicated to designing wearable luxury, beautiful leatherwork and functional design that demands to be worn—and noticed.

Q&A with Marlo and Isaure

Inspired by local Tunisian craftsmanship, La Marsa-based Marlo and Isaure Guerry founded design studio Marlo & Isaure.

Q&A with Nabila of L’ODAÏTÈS Skincare

Paris-based Nabila Chemillier and her two sisters have developed a skincare line made in France and rooted in the Tunisian garden and their grandmother’s handmade skincare recipes.

Supporting Women’s Entrepreneurship in Tunisia with Julia Hendrickson

Julia Hendrickson works at IIE in San Francisco where she directs the Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability program that supports women’s entrepreneurship in Tunisia.

Five Things I’ve Learned as an Intern at SOUKRA

I want to share with you five things I learned from being an intern at SOUKRA, and how much of a positive impact an internship can have on you and your future career!

Q&A with Sofiane and Claire of LYOUM

Based in the coastal town of La Marsa, Sofiane and Claire Ben Chaabane created the prêt-à-porter clothing line LYOUM in 2012 to celebrate contemporary Tunisia and its Mediterranean soul.

The Arab Spring and Oases with Political Scientist Laryssa Chomiak

Tunisia has been the center of political scientist Laryssa Chomiak’s professional career ever since her academic research as a doctoral student.

From the Founder: Approach

You, the customer and tastemaker, now have access to collections designed by Tunisians and made by Tunisians.

Study Abroad Experience with Danica Harootian

California native, Danica Harootian, lived with a host family in La Marsa and engaged with locals during an undergradaute semester abroad in Tunisia two years after the Arab Spring.

Peeling Back the Layers of Tunisian Culture with Lauren Nevada

Lauren Nevada Batchelder-Bahri is a fashion designer from Boulder, Colorado who has planted roots in Tunisia with her husband and children. She finds daily inspiration from her life in Tunisia.

From the Founder: Fulbright in Tunisia

Adapted from a post I wrote for the Medium account for the U.S. Department of State’s International Exchange Alumni community.

Q&A with Myriam of Moka Cioccolatah

With a background in interior design, Moka Cioccolatah founder and designer Myriam Fekih-Romdhan focuses on contemporary styles rooted in Tunisian culture and tradition.

Q&A with Souheil of Les Trois Chameaux

Fifth generation balgha maker Souheil Fitouri is proudly preserving Tunisia’s heritage while protecting your feet. He learned to craft the classic Tunisian slipper from his father, master balgha maker of the Tunis medina.

Q&A with Artisans Solidaires Kasserine

Based in the Kasserine region of Tunisia along the Algerian border, this collective of mostly women artisans uses natural materials and ancestral techniques to create baskets, rugs and pottery imbued with local terroir.

Q&A with Khaled of AKAM

In an atelier just minutes from the Mediterranean coast, AKAM founder Khaled Azaiez is on a quest to revive the tradition of hand blown glass in Tunisia.

Q&A with Anissa of ANISSA AIDA

Raised in Paris and Tunisia, emerging designer Anissa Meddeb creates clothing and accessories inspired by the intersection of North African culture and Eastern aesthetics.

Q&A with Chahrazed of Baboucheschacha

Tunis-based Chahrazed Chaieb of Baboucheschacha designs polished babouches that stay true to their sartorial roots while incorporating effortlessly into modern wardrobes.

Q&A with Leila of Blue Fish

To Blue Fish founder Leila Ben Gacem, Tunisia means hope. She sees a country at a geographic crossroads where cultures have collided and co-mingled, and she’s dedicated herself to telling that story.

Q&A with Fakher Baklouti

Third-generation artisan Fakher Baklouti inherited his craft from his father, who learned it from his father. The family business? Wood working, transforming Tunisian olive trees into rich amber bowls and platters that almost seem to glow.

Q&A with Flaÿou

Hella El Khiari is the creative mind behind Flaÿou, a Tunis-based integrative design studio that works in object, graphic and environmental design.