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Q&A with Chahrazed of Baboucheschacha

Tunis-based Chahrazed Chaieb of Baboucheschacha designs polished babouches that stay true to their sartorial roots while incorporating effortlessly into modern wardrobes.

What inspired you to start your business?
The idea came to mind while strolling through the souks of the Tunis medina. I was attracted to the leather babouches, commonly known as mules, that our ancestors used to wear.

gold babouches slipper shoes

Designer Chahrazed mixes ancestral styles with modern touches.

What does Tunisia mean to you?
Tunisia is my native country. It is a place that has an impressive and rich history.

Where is your favorite place to visit in Tunisia?
The island of Djerba, which is situated in the southern part of Tunisia. There is both the sea and the desert.

What is one thing every visit to Tunisia should experience?
One night in the desert at Ksar Ghilane.

The Sahara desert.

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