GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Him

Stumped what to gift to the men in your life? Get creative with these meaningful gifts for all ages and tastes.

GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Her

If you’re looking for something original for every woman in your life, just keep scrolling for meaningful gifts.

GIFT GUIDE: Gifts Under $50

These meaningful gifts and stocking stuffers will bring joy and beauty into your home while not breaking the bank.

GIFT GUIDE: For The Women in Our Lives

Whether shopping for Mother’s Day or sending a gift of appreciation, these gifts are truly unique for those that mean the most to you.

GIFT GUIDE: Valentine’s Day

Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or simply hanging out, we have meaningful pieces made with love in Tunisia.

GIFT GUIDE: Father’s Day

Whether shopping for Father’s Day or sending a gift of appreciation, these gifts are truly unique for all ages and tastes.

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GIFT GUIDE: For the Home Cook

The holidays is the perfect time to spice up the pantry and the tabletop with Tunisian flair. Choose from specialty food items or artisan servingware.

El Mensej – Upcycling in Tunisia

El Mensej creates new economic opportunities for the craftswomen of Nefta in the southwest part of Tunisia.


SOUKRA has been highlighted in publications including The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Remodelista, Forbes online, Pop Sugar, San Francisco Magazine, Mother Mag, and more.

The Sejnane Region of Tunisia

The women of Sejnane occupy a prominent place in the community for generating income and working together to sustain ancestral traditions.

RECIPE: Forks & Trails Apricot-Harissa Glazed Pork Loin

A sweet and spicy recipe by Forks and Trails, using Les Moulins Mahjoub’s harissa and apricot jam.

RECIPE: Hummus with Preserved Lemons

A spicy take on hummus – add preserved lemons and pickled jalapeños for an extra kick!

RECIPE: Canal House’s Chicken Thighs With Lemon

I often get asked how to use Les Moulins Mahjoub’s Preserved Lemons. They’re delicious added to salad dressings, sauces, and cooked grains. But there’s one dish that’s a regular at our home.

APPAREL: Dressing for Home with SOUKRA

Home is where we’re spending most of our time now. So we’ve highlighted a few wardrobe items that will make you feel polished, while remaining comfortable.

HOME: Setting the Table with SOUKRA

Since we’re all eating three meals a day at home these days, why not elevate your dining table with color, patterns, texture, and light.

RECIPE: Tunisian Fricassé Sandwich

Lyoum and Hölma co-founders, Claire and Sofiane Ben Chaabane, put a spin on the Tunisian fricassé sandwich, opting for baking “choux” pastry, instead of fried dough.

RECIPE: an Easy Weeknight Meal

Les Moulins Mahjoub hand-rolled couscous and Testour tomato sauce are an easy meal any night of the week.


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RECIPE: Spicy Squash Spread

We return to this spicy squash recipe time and time again, either served with couscous, as a delicious dip, or spread on a slice of bread or sandwich.

VIDEO: Les Moulins Mahjoub and Tunisia’s Heritage and Cuisine

Les Moulins Mahjoub products are made the slow way—with organic farming techniques, olives picked by hand, all-natural ingredients and the dedication of a family with deep Tunisian roots.

FOUTAS: Five Ways to Use Foutas

In various sizes, you can be sure that our 100% cotton foutas will be versatile and a great addition to your home. We’ve listed 5 ways to use your fouta, from vacation essential to home accessory.

HALFA: the Beautiful Dangerous Weed of Hope

Yamna and her artisan friends, weaving beautiful halfa baskets for, are helping Chanbi restore its name as a destination for adventure and beauty.

FASHION: Anissa Meddeb and the Slow Fashion Movement

Emerging designer Anissa Meddeb talks to SOUKRA about her design process, how she embraces the slow fashion movement, and the importance of working with Tunisian textile industry.

SHOES: Tunisian slippers, babouches and balghas

Heelless leather slippers, also known as “babouches” or “balghas,” are a staple in the Tunisian household. Instead of tracking in dirt from outside, slip these on the minute you get home.

HOME: How to Decorate with SOUKRA

Whether you want to make a bold statement or prefer more functional items, we’ll help you bring a bit of the Mediterranean into your home.

APPAREL: How to Wear Your Moka Cioccolatah Dengri All Year Long

Once you read these tips, you will be shamelessly rocking this versatile piece over and over again.

VIDEO: Playing with Clay with Flaÿou

The board games by Flaÿou are handcrafted by artisans in Sejnane, a region in northwest Tunisia. Flaÿou shares with us how their board games are 100% handmade out of clay.

GAMES: How to Pronounce Chich-Bich

Flaÿou’s collection of board games includes Chess, Backgammon, and Checkers that are made using the traditional methods for Sejnane pottery.

GLASSWARE: Turning up the Heat with AKAM

AKAM Verrerie de Carthage is reviving the art of hand blown glass in Tunisia. Each piece is hand blown by the workshop’s artisans, who create beautiful yet functional shapes out of this noble material.