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FOUTAS: Five Ways to Use Foutas

In various sizes, you can be sure that our 100% cotton foutas are versatile and a great addition to your home. We’ve listed 5 ways to use your fouta, from vacation essential to home accessory. Filter your selection of foutas by color, size, style and texture.


fouta towel while on vacation

Rolled up in our luggage or Anissa Aida’s Traveler’s Bag, we’re never without a fouta while traveling. A travel essential, our classic Senda fouta is a must-have in your carry-on. Snuggle up in its honeycomb fabric on the plane, use it as a shawl for an evening stroll, drape in over your shoulders to protect from the sun, and use it as a beach blanket for soaking up the sun and drying off from the daily dips in the water. In solid colors, 6’ x 3.25’, it’s a staple piece you won’t want to leave home without, whether packing for that weekend trip or 10-day vacation. $36


fouta tablecloth

Thinking of throwing a dinner party? Look no further than our Mariem fouta as your perfect tablecloth. Available in vibrant colors and sized 8’ x 5’, it’s the perfect backdrop to your delectable dishes! There’s no need to worry about spills. Just throw it in the washing machine after dinner; each wash softens your fouta for its next use! $52


Fouta on vacation blog

For an extra large size, the large Imen fouta is 9.1’ x 6.5’ and available in neutral shades. Use for a large group picnic, or drape over your couch to protect your furniture with stylish stripes. $64


Fouta on vacation blog

Host a movie night, minus the bill, in the comfort of your own home or backyard. Our Zina fouta is 6’ x 3.25’, a multipurpose blanket in various shades made to wrap up in, kick back on or, better yet, both! $36

Fouta blanket on vacation blog

Sunny afternoon at the park? Don’t forget your Imen fouta, with varying stripes throughout for stylish lounging. At 6’ x 3.25’, it’s the perfect size for a picnic, reading a book in the shade or just relaxing outside, enjoying the fresh air. $64


Fouta bath towels

Lastly, we like to use all of the fouta styles for its original use – as a bath towel! Foutas were originally used in the hammams, public baths, in the Tunisia. On those hot and humid summer days, we ditch the heavy terrycloth towels for foutas to dry off from our shower and lounge around the house.


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