Tunisia: Travel Concierge

Soukra founder, Pauline, brings 15+ years of travel to Tunisia to work with you on your next trip to Tunisia.

Travel: Star Wars and Beyond

Scattered across the south of Tunisia are sites filmed for Star Wars dating from as early as 1976. A family visits Tunisia to experience Star Wars sites and more.

Guide: Tunisia’s Art Scene

Here is a guide to art spaces in and around Tunis. These are galleries, residencies, and platforms. Some have been around for over a decade, while others opened within the last year.

UChicago Networking Night: Alumni in Fashion

SOUKRA Founder, Pauline Eveillard, discusses her career journey in the multifaceted field of fashion and retail.

Travel Without Getting on a Plane or Zoom

When international travel may not be in the cards, we all have the ability to satisfy our wanderlust by simply looking to our own hometowns.

Armchair Travel

Armchair travel to Tunisia with these recent articles and panel discussions we’ve compiled.

The Vestiges of Carthage

Angus Haldane, London-based art dealer and author of ‘The Face of War: Portraits of the English Civil Wars,’ is transported to ancient Carthage on a recent trip to Tunisia.

Impressions of Tunisia

London-based Emily and Angus Haldane visited Tunisia for the first time on a 5-day trip in February 2019. They shared with us their impressions, and a few dos and don’ts.

Guide: La Marsa, Where to Shop and Sleep

The coastal town of La Marsa, Tunisia was home for SOUKRA founder Pauline Eveillard from September 2005 to June 2006. A 25-minute drive from Tunis, the seaside neighborhood is her favorite place to see friends, shop, and discover new designers.

Guide: Doolesha with Wajdi Borgi

Ambling for simple pleasure is to embrace the Tunisian stroll, or doolesha. The blazing August heat doesn’t stop us from our stroll through the medina of Tunis with our private guide.

Guide: Shop Local in Tunis and Environs

When traveling, do you search in vain for a souvenir to bring home? Check out these shops and you’ll return home with unique and beautiful products, while supporting emerging brands and local designers, entrepreneurs, and artisans.

Guide: The Medina of Tunis, Where to Eat, Sleep and Shop

Ambling for simple pleasure is to embrace the Tunisian stroll, or doolesha. We enjoy wandering down the narrow streets of the medina to explore its nooks and crannies.