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SHOES: Tunisian slippers, babouches and balghas

Heelless slippers, also known as “babouches” or “balghas,” are a staple in the Tunisian household. Instead of tracking in dirt from outside, slip these on the minute you get home. You’ll be comfortable and at ease knowing that sidewalk germs have been left at the door.

Are they so chic you want to wear them outside? That’s fine! We recommend you go to your cobbler and add a rubber sole to make them last longer and protect the leather soles. Here’s how to care for your slipper shoes, whether you wear them in or outside the house.

SOUKRA carries three slipper designers – Les Trois Chameaux, Baboucheschacha, and Samarkand. Les Trois Chameaux’s women’s balghas are made of cowhide suede with leather soles, and the heal is meant to remain down. Baboucheschacha’s gold and blue shoes are made of lambskin; the black ones of calfskin; and the brown of cowhide suede. With all of Baboucheschacha’s shoes, the heel can remain down or be lifted up to cover your heel. Samarkand’s elephant babouches are made of cotton, while the elephant babouches are made of silk. Their heals are meant to be worn down. Pick the ones that suit your style, whether it’s Les Trois Chameaux’s colorful suede slippers, Baboucheschacha’s shimmery gold ones, or Samarkand’s elegant patterns.

We’ve put together guidelines for taking care of your slippers. Follow these recommendations to maintain your slippers’ luster.


After taking your black, gold, or blue leather Baboucheschacha slippers out for an afternoon stroll, use a soft cloth to remove any dust. It’s important to clean as much dirt as possible, so that it doesn’t stay trapped inside the shoe. Then apply a small amount of shoe cream and polish with a soft cloth to add shine


For the women’s blue, pink, purple, black, brown, and red suede slippers, and men’s brown suede slippers, brush them with a suede brush to remove dirt. To prevent stains, spray with a suede protective spray.


For Samarkand’s elephant and rainbow slippers, use a soft cloth to remove dust. Keep your slippers away from the heater and humidity. If the slippers come in contact with any liquids, dab them with a dry cloth or paper towel.


Do not wash your babouches in any type of machine. Certainly not the washing machine! This will damage the beautiful Tunisian leather and materials.

Do not dry your slippers near any heat sources, which can cause the leather to dry out and become brittle. Always allow them to dry at room temperature.

Finally, do not store your slippers in a shoebox for long periods of time. Prolonged storage can cause certain footwear materials to deteriorate, particularly in humid climates. Instead, we recommend storing your slippers in the custom shoe bags you received them in.


– Dalya Assa

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