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Q&A with Myriam Naili of NINA.L.

NINA.L. designer Myriam Naili is dedicated to designing wearable luxury, beautiful leatherwork and functional design that demands to be worn—and noticed.

Where do you live?
I split my time between France and Tunisia. I have many friends from school in Tunis that I’m still very close with.

What is the meaning behind the name NINA.L.?
My childhood friend called me Nina to differentiate me from all of the Myriam’s (a common Tunisian name) in class. Ever since, this name has followed me. The “L” stands for leather.

What is the story behind NINA.L.’s collaboration with beauty salon Feryel Studio?
Feryel Studio beauty salon approached me to collaborate on a bag design exclusive to them. The first collaboration was a straw beach tote with leather designs and straps that was both functional and stylish. For our second collaboration, we decided on a belt bag. It took me two months to propose something that had never been seen before. The main focus was to create a fashion accessory and functional belt bag for a dress of coat.

What inspires you to run NINA.L.?
The people and local Tunisian craftsmanship.

Myriam at EKCCI boutique in La Marsa, where her bags are sold

What positive impact do you have in shaping Tunisia?
I choose to work equitably with a small collective of women to make NINA.L.’s collections.

Where is your favorite place to vacation or visit within Tunisia?
The island of Djerba is a magical place far from society and full of good energy.

What is a favorite place to go to when you’re back in Tunis?
I love going to the medina and simple, traditional restaurants.

What is one thing every visitor to Tunisia should experience?
Go to the Marché Centrale in Tunis and walk the streets of downtown Tunis to see the art deco architecture.

What do you with the world knew about Tunisia?
The story of the Amazighs, or Berbers (ethnic group indigenous to North Africa).


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