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Q&A with Myriam of Moka Cioccolatah

With a background in interior design, Moka Cioccolatah founder and designer Myriam Fekih-Romdhan focuses on contemporary styles rooted in Tunisian culture and tradition. She wants you to know that Tunisians are incredibly passionate and romantic!

What inspired you to start your fashion and home décor company?
Tunisia, the potential of this country, and the strong women living here inspired me to start my business.

Hand embroidery on Moka Cioccolata’s dengri jackets. (Image: Moka Cioccolatah)

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
I look to international trends, everyday life in Tunisia, and Berber tradition and culture.

How are your products made?
We work with 7 men and over 30 Tunisian women artisans, bringing work to their home so that they can also raise their children.

Moka Cioccolatah store in La Marsa.

Where is your favorite place to visit in Tunisia?
Depending on my mood, I like to visit Takrouna, a small Berber village between Hammamet and Sousse. I’m in love with the south of Tunisia. Djerba is the island where all your wishes come true. Mahdia is my little sweet refuge, and Ras Djebel is where I go to recharge by battery.

Moka Cioccolatah summer hours and telephone number.

What is one thing every visitor to Tunisia should experience?
You must swim in the turquoise waters of Mahdia at 7am. Wrap yourself in a fouta and grab a ftira (a Tunisian donut) before heading back home.

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