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Shopping at SOUKRA with Stylist Caroline Rooney

Personal stylist Caroline Rooney creates highly-curated experiences at her new shop Kingfisher in Mexico City. Read what she loves to gift to herself and others from SOUKRA.


Caroline Rooney with her Olive Wood Dish at a picnic in CDMX. (Image: Caroline Rooney)

When you think about designing for your home or store, what pieces are you looking for?
For the store, I’m always looking for small, unique objects that make thoughtful gifts. Even better if the item travels easily! The Fakher Baklouti olive wood serving dish has been on rotation in my own home for years, but I love that it makes for a special host gift, at a great price point.

made by tinja terracotta vase in black

Tinja Black Terracotta Vase (Image: Tinja)

At home, I collect handmade pottery from around the world. I like the Black Terracotta Vase by Made With Tinja because it’s a unique, key catching piece, while still blending seamlessly with many styles of interiors. When searching for a memento, especially on a trip, I want something that reminds me of the place and experience, but also blends well into my daily life, and the cohesive aesthetic style of my home.

Custom embroidery on foutas is available twice a year, in April and November.

What’s in your travel bag on your next trip?
Foutas are a perfect gift, and are an especially great gift to yourself! As a mom who is constantly running around a big city, and still juggling a lot of travel with an infant, I need durable, not-precious pieces that are multi-functional. A fouta can serve as a towel, a blanket on a chilly plane, a changing or play mat, or an extra layer across climates. I love that they can be personalized – I think monogramming and personalization makes for such a thoughtful gift. I’m eyeing this classic, fiery red Pimento Red Imen Fouta, personalized for my daughter, Eames.

Caroline’s dinner party spread in CDMX. (Image: Caroline Rooney)

What do you look for when gifting?
Living far away from many of my close friends and loved ones, I start thinking about the holidays early. I like to collect special little items throughout the year that really remind me of a person. I’m especially keen on picking up unique items while traveling. My goal is to find gifts that are personal, thoughtful, and special – something that the person wouldn’t justify buying themselves, but would make them feel seen and loved. I love the personalized foutas for exactly this reason – they’re a little luxury that make your day brighter and more beautiful. Taking the time to personalize something really shows that you put in the effort just for the recipient.

I also love gifting gourmet items – little luxuries that my friends can bring to their celebratory tables, especially around the holidays. I believe in making small gestures every day to make your surroundings feel more beautiful. Gifting a unique, delicious gourmet item like preserved lemons, olives, or a delicious jam (this apricot jam is to-die-for!), is a great way to do just that.

Learn more about Caroline and Kingfisher, and check out her interview with SOUKRA!

Caroline Rooney in front of kingfisher shop in CDMX wearing Anissa Aida

Caroline Rooney in front of Kingfisher in Condesa CDMX. She wears Anissa Aida’s black denim jumpsuit. (Image: Caroline Rooney)

January 2022

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