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Yalla baba bag

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This on-the-go bag is a traveler’s constant companion, easily slipped into a purse, backpack or suitcase for easy access to the items you need at arm’s reach. Stash your favorite lip gloss and lotion, your must-have notebook or your passport, and then—as it says on this 100% cotton pouch—let’s go! Meet the designers >


Lined fleece pouch
“Let’s go, dad” in Arabic
8.6″W x 6.3″H x 1.2″W
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Lyoum means “today” in Tunisian Arabic, a name that pays tribute to the country’s post-revolution cultural moment. Sofiène and Claire Ben Châabane created the prêt-à-porter clothing line in 2012 to celebrate Tunisia’s Mediterranean heart and offer an alternative to European imports. Today, Lyoum is best known for its locally made tops that honor Tunisian culinary traditions with clever phrases.