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Inside AKAM’s Soliman studio, master artisans harness earth, fire, air and water to produce pieces that are both functional housewares and objects of art. This graceful fruit platter was blown by hand, so it has an individual identity of subtle features and imperfections. Meet the designer >


Handblown glass

4 1/2’H x 12’D

Each item is one of a kind with its own unique pattern

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Care: Hand wash with a soft sponge and dish soap. The glassware is not microwave safe. Avoid placing sharp objects on or in the glassware.


In an atelier just minutes from the Mediterranean coast, AKAM produces handblown glassware in the tradition of ancient artisans. Applying contemporary designs to ancestral techniques, AKAM represents both the history of Tunisia and today’s vibrant community of artists and creatives.