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Yazidi Khansa


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Why can’t a utility fixture have style? Yazidi Khansa merges form and function in this solid brass toilet paper holder with a subtle marine silhouette that gives an overlooked bathroom staple a much-needed design boost. Meet the designer >


6”L x 3.1”H x 3.1″W

100% solid molded brass

Each piece is unique with irregularities that represent the artistic process.

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Care: Care for this the traditional way. Cut a lemon in half and dip it in sea salt. Rub the item with circular motion. For difficult stains, use a stainless steal scrubbing pad. The natural color of solid brass is gold, so the harder you rub, the brighter the color will be.


Part of a new generation of Tunisian talent, emerging designer Khansa Yazidi brings an architectural background to home design, crafting bathroom fixtures and accessories in whimsical silhouettes. Her towel racks, soap dishes and other fixtures, sculpted in malleable brass, add a playful accent to spaces that often go overlooked.